Reduced price! VW Full Tools (VWP4)

VW Full Tools (VWP4A)

2 270,01 €

Instead of 3 180,01 €

The license to interface UHDS*:

Supported models and availabled functions:

  • VWP1 License package
  • VW0027 VW Immo Tool
  • VW0030 PCR 2.1
  • VW0031 Passat CCM decode immo data
  • VW0035 VDO/Continental MQB 06.2014-..up
  • VW0019 VDO/MotoMeter/Magneti All Kline
  • VW0021 Bosch Kline
  • VW0036 VDO/Continental MQB 2012-06.2014
  • VW0038 PQ 2015-... SW<200
  • VW0039 Audi A6 , A7 , A8  (4G,4H) , Touareg 7P  Full OBD (2011-…)
  • VW0040 VW/Skoda JC MQB 2013-...
  • VW0041 VW MBQ Lern keys 2013-2018
  • VW0042 Lear ECU with immo 5 system PQ2016+, MQB, A4/A5/Q5 2007-20015
  • VW0043 Skoda City Go 2019-..., DSG GearBox DQ200, DQ250 by Dump
  • VW0044 Unlocking Dashboard Virtual VW
  • VW0045 Unlocking Dashboard JC, Visteon VW, Skoda with NEC 70F3535,70F3529
  • VW0046 VW Polo Unlocking Dashboard 6RF920861B SW: 0215 and 6RF920xxx with 70F3524
  • VW0047 VW DQ381, DQ500, EDC17CP20, EDC17CP44 set new KM Dump Tool
  • VW0048 VW Replace Dashboard, Learn Keys MQB, Learn used DQ250
  • VW0049 Dash VW Goal 2010-... VDO/MM 24C16 OBD
(available from 11.06.2024)

*To purchase a package or single licence you must have the Multitool UHDS interface. When purchasing a licence, the Multitool UHDS interface is automatically added to the shopping cart. Persons who already possess our device may delete the interface from the shopping cart by clicking on the trash icon and entering the seven-digit serial number of their device.