VW0030 SIMOS PCR 2.1 Read PIN+CS

320,00 €

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1 580,01 €

Buy in a set VWP2
The license to interface UHDS*:

Supported models and availabled functions:

Simos PCR2.1 Read CS+PIN    

  • Read Flash (Tuning MAP) OBD
  • Write Flash (Tuning MAP + Calculating checksums) OBD
  • Unlock Flash ECU in Boot Mode
  • Read/Write EEProm Boot Mode
  • Read Password for Read/Write Flash in Boot MODE
  • Read Flash Boot Mode
  • Read/Write 0 KM (Boot Mode)
Attention: in order to encode PCR2.1 you need our company's additional licences and programmes. You can also use other producers' software.

The additional programms which are needed in the programing process:

  1. VW 0027 Immo Tool  option enables carrying the coding procedure    
  2. XCAN VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda CAN OBD option enables Security Block  reading plus its edition to read the car's up to date data which will be needed while coding

 Promotional package:(XCAN+VW 0027+VW 0030)

*To purchase a package or single licence you must have the Multitool UHDS interface. When purchasing a licence, the Multitool UHDS interface is automatically added to the shopping cart. Persons who already possess our device may delete the interface from the shopping cart by clicking on the trash icon and entering the seven-digit serial number of their device.