Interface Multitool UHDS+OBD cable

260,00 €

Instead of

Introducing the new programmer of the SMOK Company – Interface Multitool UHDS. In order to improve our products, and what is more important to improve the reliability, stability and safety we have created a new programmer based on modern software platform. The use of the latest technology has allowed us to open a new chapter in the field of production programmers. Particular capabilities of our device allow you to shape the software of our Interfaces. We encourage to read the full capabilities of  Interface Multitool UHDS.

The price includes: Interface Multitool UHDS and OBD cable to the Interface.

We do not sell blank interfaces without a licence !!!

Availabled options for the programmer Interface Multitool UHDS:

  1. Xcan
  2. Ford Tool
  3. Volvo Tool
  4. Fiat/Renault/Alfa Tool
  5. Opel All
  6. PSA-BSI
  7. ECUx
  8. Chrysler CAN


Adapter UHDS UHDS cable OBD Adapter bench connection


Interfejs Multitool UHDS FULL PROMOTION