Updates 06.12.2018-03.07.2019

Date of publication 01.07.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added new version Kia Sportage
-Added Jaguar EDC17 Dump Tool
-Added option Dashboard Jaguar XF 2018... OBD Read/Write EEprom, Read Write KM
-Added option Dashboard Dodge RAM MotoH 2013...2018

Date of publication 20.06.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Fixed option Read Skey Micronas
-Added option Dashboard Dodge Challenger 2015...

Date of publication 07.06.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Learn ECU UDS PSA UDS (ECU must be Virgin)
-Added Learn ELV UDS (ELV must be virgin

Date of publication 22.05.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added option PSA Peugeot / Citroen Learn VIN Radio Navigation CAN KWP/ UDS (2005... 2019)

Date of publication 14.05.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added ABS/ESP Renault Twingo III , Smart 453 Bosch Read/Write KM, Read, Write EEprom

Date of publication 10.05.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added option Dashboard Dacia Sandero II, Logan 2018... RH850 Read/Write Flash , Read/Write KM OBD

-Added option Dashboard Jaguar XE 06/2017... OBD Read/Write EEprom, Read Write KM

-Fixed Option Dodge RAM Write KM 2009...
-Added option Write MotoH Dodge Ram 2009...
-Fixed option SRI 5
-Fixed Menu Fiat/Renault

-improved option Clio/Capture Bosch ABS
-IAW 9DF dump Tool add new versions
-Added Dashboard Suzuki Swift 70F35xx Color OBD 2018...

Date of publication 27.04.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Dashboard Lincoln Bullit 2019... OBD (Read/Write Write KM)
-Added option Renault Clio4 , Capture , Trafic 2018...
 -Read/Write KM(with block synchro ABS<>Dash and without block) ,
 -Read/Write Flash
 -Read/Write EEprom OBD
-Added option Kia Forte MB91F06x OBD or DashConector Write Km ,Read/Write Flash
-Added option KIA Ceed 2018... (MB91F06x ) OBD or Dash Conector
-Added option Kia Forte MB91F06x 2018... OBD or DashConector Read/Write Km, Read/Write Flash
-Improved all option KIa/Hyundai MB91F6x (faster and better)
Date of publication 18.04.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added option Dashboard Honda S6j300xx  Read KM , Write KM , Write Flash OBD

Date of publication 19.04.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Toyota AirBag Module R5F617xx OBD Read Flash - fixed option
-Added New types Body Fiat Magneti marreli HC912 / 9S12 Read/Write EE
-EDC16 VW Dump Tool change VIN fixed option

Date of publication 18.04.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added new version of dashboard Kia Hyundai OBD
-Fiat ECU 9DF New versions Change Km by Dump Tool
-Dashboard Mustang 2005... OBD (Read/Write EEprom, Write KM)
-Added new PSA Version BSI Jonson Control Fast write KM
-Added option Dashboard Honda MB91F06x  Read KM , Write KM , Write Flash OBD*
  Honda Jazz MB91F6x
  Honda City MB91F6x
  Honda Fit MB91F6x
  Honda Grace MB91F6x
  Honda Odyssey MB91F6x
  Honda Vezel MB91F6x
 *Some Version maybe required remove dashboard and prepare by Jtag

Date of publication 04.04.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Fixed option Maserati 2014-....
-Added New version Dahsboard by Dash Conector Pegeot/Citroen Expert/ Jumpy/C3 , Toyota Proace (70F3529,R5F)
-Fixed Option Dahsboard by Jtag Conector Pegeot/Citroen Expert/ Jumpy/C3 , Toyota Proace
-Added new version Mercedes W205/W222
-Fixed option Land Rover LR3 Terrain module
-Added Hyndai Tacuma 2019 Dashboard OBD
-Fiat ECU 9DF New versions Change Km by Dump Tool

Date of publication 29.03.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Dashboard Jaguar XF type 2016+ TFT  Read/Write KM
-Dashboard Ford Transit 2018 R7F Read/Write KM , Read/Write EEprom
-Mercedes W205 ,W222 Added new version dashboard Supoort

Date of publication 25.03.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Option Read Flash AirBag Toyota/Lexus H8SX (R5F617xx) Flash by CAN (ECU conector).
-Added New suported modulec Clear Crash by ECU Conector Honda Airbags Module ...2015 (MPC5604 and others)

Date of publication 19.03.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Dashboard Jaguar F type 2018+ ,land Rover Discover 2018+  Read/Write KM , Read/Write EEprom

Date of publication 19.03.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Dashboard Jaguar E type 2018+ Read/Write KM , Read/Write EEprom OBD

Date of publication 09.03.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Support dashboard Kia Niro OBD
 -Read/Write EEprom
 -Read Write KM
-Dashboard Jaguar F type 2013+ Read/Write KM
 Date of publication 05.03.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Option DashBoard Reanult Twingo TFT OBD (required make ABS/ESP additioanly)
-Dashboard Land Rover Velar TFT-Read/Write KM

Date of publication 28.02.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Option DashBoard Smart 453 TFT OBD (required make ABS/ESP additioanly_

Date of publication 27.02.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added New version Renault Megane III Sport Jonson Control Dashboard support
-Added New version Suzuki Swift 2014 Dashboard support
-Fixed option Fiat ECU IAW4A
-Jaguar XE/F-Pace / Landrover new version and some fixed option -Read/Write KM

-Improved option Learn Key BSI Siemens CAN
-Added Option Read Write configuration BSI CAN (no UDS)
-Checnge VIN BSI (no UDS)
-Write PIN BSI (no UDS)

added option read/erase Errors Airbagmodules Fiat on Bench conecotrs (not possible clear crash!!!)
added option Volvo Pedestrain Airbag module read/erase errors , Read Flash
-added option Clear Crash Ford Transit AirBag Module OBD GK2t,GK3T

Date of publication 09.01.2019 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Support AS Reanult Trafic 2017 ATE Read/Write EEprom, Read/Write KM OBD

Date of publication 30.12.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-added option read/erase Errors Suzuki AirBag (ECU on SPC560, Clear Crash Aviable by Jtag)

-added option Tricore TC1767,TC1797,TC1782,TC1791,TC1793 Boot Mode:
-Read/Write EEprom
-Read/Write Flash
-(Important - for read/ write secured MCU required password , now read password aviable on ECU: SID307,SID309,SID310, -
EMS3125, EMS3150, EMS3155 , soft not calculate chescksums).

-Added option Change KM in Renault/Nissan/Dacia Siemens ECU (OBD+DumpTool+BootMode)
 - SID307,
 - SID309,
 - SID310,
 - EMS3125,
 - EMS3150,
 - EMS3155
Date of publication 10.12.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
 - Ford AirBag Module TC222 2017...
  -Clear CRASH OBD
  -Read Configuration
  -Write Configuration
  -Read Errors
  -Write Errors