The Universal emulator of passenger’s seat
The Universal emulator of passenger’s seat, allows to switch off the controller of airbaig. Description of models: Depending on R1, R2, R4, R5 emulator fulfills...
price: 45 euro
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Updating CAS 4 MC9S12 XEP 5M48H Secured
Programme supports service MC9S12XEP 5M48H (CAS4) Secured.Updating for interface J-Tag Attention. Safety of reading on level 90% CAS4 Secured: Unsecured,...
price: 330 euro
Multi ECUx interface UHDS
Universal programme Multi ECUx. Attention !!!. Necessary interface Multitool UHDS (price: 130 eur)
price: 130 euro
Interface Multi Tool
Universal interface Multitool. It works with programmes: 1 .Fiat Tool 2 .X-can 3 .Ford Tool 4 .Volvo Tool 5 .Chrysler 6 .ECUx 7 .Opel All 8. PSA BSI Tool...
price: 130 euro
J-Tag Programmer
Universal programmer J-Tag. It supports processors:HC12, HC08, Micronas, MAC, Infineon, Renesas, Freescale, HC12XEP 5M84h CAS4. Attention !!!. Necessary interface...
price: 50 euro
Updating Renesas H8SX (R5F61721,R5F61725)
Programmer Renesas H8SX (R5F61721,R5F61723,R5F61725). RepairAirBag Toyota ,Subaru,Honda. Attention !!!. Necessary interface J-tag (price: 50 eur) NEW New...
price: 650 euro
Updating Opel All
Opel All New New interface Opel All joins together the function of our two interfaces OpelEDC16 and OpelECU. In addition, is enriched about many functions. One of...
price: 530 euro
Updating Magic Dash X-can VW Seat Skoda Option I
Universal programme Magic Dash X-can is designed for new models of VW after 2006... through OBDII with Prepare key. We offer the possibility of extending Magic...
price: 950 euro
Universal CAN Blocker Renault /Mercedes/BMW 3w1
CAN Blocker Renault/Mercedes 1) Blocker Renault Laguna 3 2008 to 2011, Megan 3 2007 to 2011, Scenic, Fluence enables change KM without necessity of dismantling...
price: 110 euro
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