Stop KM-Filter KM

280,00 €

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STOP KM – mileage lock filter. With the device we can easily lock the counting of mileage using an appropriate sequence of keys in the car.

Supported car models:
  • BMW                                                  
    • Fxx  
  • Mercedes            
    • W204
    • W212
    • W222
    • W205
    • W447
  • Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda     
    • Golf7
    • Seat Leon 2013-...
    • Octavia 3
    • Audi A3 2013-...

We can set 3 modes of operation:
  • 100% Normal operation of the mileage counter
  • -50% counts half only Mercedes, BMW
  • -98% only Audi,VW,Seat,Skoda (fuel gauge work ok)
  • -100% complete lock of the counter *
* They may be fluctuations in the fuel gauge in Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda
Attention: The company is not liable for use of device in breach of the existing law in the Buyer’s country. The devices may only be used for testing and proper operations of systems in the car.