1.Explaining the function of tools bookmark:

  • Flash From Soft - actualization of interface inner software on the basis of soft versiontools.jpg
  • Flash From File -actualization of interface inner software from the file
  • Team Viewer - a programme for remote online help ( making the computer screen accessible to our employee)
  • Show Licence - preview the licence you own
  • Set Licence - activating the brand bought licenses. The activation code you get shoud be copied and confirmed. Possible messages:
    • ACK 00 the right code
    • ACK 01 false code
    • ACK 02 validity of the introduced code has expired. Possible causes:
      • incorrectly set interface internal clock. Use the  Set Internal Clock button
      • The code is expired.Concernig security basis the validity of the newly generated code is two days. During this period we can activate the purchased  license with the help of the code.
  • Set Internal Clock - Set Internal Clock- setting the interface internal clock connection with the Internet is nedeed)hash1.jpg 
  • License Hash - is in the TOOLS/UHDS UTILITY/SHOW LICENCE/Licence Hash bookmark. The number lets us to identify the device and the information it containsi.
    • Save Licences to Files - saving the licences you have in the file
    • Copy HASH to ClipBoard - it copies the Hash number to manual memory of the computer

2. Explanations of the messages given by the programme:

  • E002 Time Lock Contact Distributor - To ease the blockage please contact the distributor giving the informations about the interface serial number SN:XXXXXXX
    and the error number.
  • E010: Clock Not Set- You must go: Tools-> Set Internal Clock - Set the system clock (connection with the Internet is nedeed)
  • E020: RTC Failure - Contact Distributor - damage to the device. Please contact the distributor
  • E040: Security OFF - You must go Tools-> Set Internal Clock -Set the system clock (connection with the Internet is nedeed)
  • You must buy this function-contact seller Requuired License No... -lack of activated permission to use a certain function. To buy this licence you need to contact the seller