Updates 11.2017-05.2018

Date of publication 14.05.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Fixed Option Kia/Hyundai MB91F06x Write Km

Date of publication 13.05.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
- added Kia Sportage 2017 70F3526+25160 OBD
- Ford Tool New Menu added

Date of publication 08.05.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-added Lincoln MKZ 2018 Dashboard Read Km .Write Km
-Improved option ABS ATE (faster works now)

Date of publication 05.05.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Calculate Checksum EEprom EDC17 Tricode TC1793
-Added Make Key for Passat 2005... Megamos48
-Added Make Key for Passat 2005... PCF7936

Date of publication 01.05.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-added support Lincoln Continental 2018... Read Write KM
-Fixed bug from previous version KIA /Hyundai MB91

-Added Image Generator TP22,T23,T24,TP25
-Improved option make transponder VW,Skoda,Audi,Seat in cars before 2010 year

Date of publication 27.04.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Airbag Clear Crash OBD Subaru 2005-2012 Kline
-Added Nissan, Mazda , SUbaru Denso Engine ECU Read/Write Flash, EEprom
-Crysler Pacyfika 2017  Dashboard OBD

Date of publication 16.04.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Improved options For Dacia Dashboards

Date of publication 16.04.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-ECU Mercedes Delphi added new versions
-Kia Hyundai MB91F dashboard improved options

Date of publication 09.04.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added support ECU Fiat/Alfa ME731 , ME73H4 Bosch Read Write Km , Read/Write EEprom, Read Write Flash ,Make Virgin
-Added support Airbag Modules old Ford Kline Bosch    (HC12B32,HC12D60)
-Added support Airbag Modules old Ford Kline Siemens (95080)
-Added support Airbag Modules old Renault Clio 2 Kline Bosch (HC12D60)

Date of publication 04.04.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Some improvments in AirBags Options

Date of publication 04.04.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Support DashBoard VW NEC+24c32 TFT 2009 (Passat , T5 etc...) OBD

 Date of publication 31.03.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Improved option Clio4 / Trafic Dashboard OBD
-added new option Dashbaord Toyota Proace RL78

Date of publication 28.03.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
 -some improvement in MQB option
 -Added new version and fix some options AirBag Ford/Mazda XC23xx

  Date of publication 27.03.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Improved option Clear Crash Volvo V40 XC2361
-Added new version IAW8Fxx

Date of publication 18.03.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-added more versions MQB 2012...
 Date of publication 16.03.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Option PSA Airbag SPC560 Continental Clear Crash by Dump
-Added Option PSA AirbagUDS Read/Erase Errors on bench (by ECU conector) or OBD
-Improved Option Kia / Hyundai Dashboard MB91F06x

Date of publication 14.03.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
 -added more versions MQB 2012...

 Date of publication 11.03.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-added support Read/Write KM MQB VDO/Continental (Audi A3, Golf7, Seat leon, Skoda OCtavia III) 2012..06/2014
-added suppord Ford KA, KA+ 2017... Read Write KM
Date of publication 04.03.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne

-Improved Ford Transit 2016 70F3525 Write Km
-Improved Ford Transit 2016 70F3524 Color Write Km

Date of publication 15.02.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Mazda 6 ,  CX5 Color Display (93c86) 2016--- Read/Write KM
-Mazda 6 ,  CX5 Color Display (93c86) 2017--- Read/Write KM

Date of publication 03.03.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-few internal improvments

Date of publication 02.03.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne

Renault Dashboard+ABS/ESC (ATE) Supported models:
-Megane IV
-Scenic IV
-Espace V

Dasboard Type: Visteon (Full LCD) , Continental (with 2 needles)
-Read Km
-Write Km
-Read Flash (internal)
-Write Flash (internal)

-Read Km
-Write Km
-Read EEprom
-Write EEprom

Date of publication 27.02.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
 -Added Support DashBoard Visteon (Full Digital) Renault Megane 4, Scenic 4, Espace 5 ,Kadjar OBD
 -Added New option for Clear Crash Data Ford Family Airbags XC23xx
 -Added support Read/Write Km, Read/Write EEprom ABS Renault Fluence, Lattitude
 -Improved Option  ABS Trafic Write Km (some version was not recognized before)
 Date of publication 18.02.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
 -Added New versions BSI Jonson control
 -Improved option Clear Crash Mazda XC23xx AirMag Module Clear Crash

Date of publication 18.02.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
 -Added option BSI Delphi Read /write KM
 -Added Option Write KM Dashboard (by Jtag -required Smok Jtag Programmer) :
 -Citroen Jumpi III (R5F10xxx)
 -Citroen C3 ,C3 AirCross(R5F10xxx)
 -Peugeot Expert III (R5F10xxx)
 -Citroen Jumpi III (70F3529)
 -Citroen C3 ,C3 AirCross(70F3529)
 -Peugeot Expert III (70F3529)
 -Toyota ProAce (R5F10xxx)
 -Toyota ProAce (70F3529)

Date of publication 15.02.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added options Ford Transit 70F3524 2017.. (Read/Write Data Flash , Read Flash)
-Improved Ford Transit 2016 70F3525 Write Km , added new options (Read/Write Data Flash , Read Flash)

Date of publication 07.02.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Support Ford Figo (India market) (R5F10xxx) ...2016 Read/Write KM
-improved option Write KM Continental 06/2015 OBD (now is very fast and safety)
-Improved Ford Transit 2016 Write Km
-Improved Volvo XC60,S80 (HCS12X) AirBag option
-Added option BMW E90 Bulb Erase Errors (FRM module)
-Added option Synchro CAS<>ELV BMW E90,E60

Date of publication 02.02.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added option Clear Crash Volco V40 (XC23xx) Pedestrian Protection
-Added option New Kia AirBags Module Read/Write EEprom

Date of publication 25.01.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Renault Laguna III,Megane III,Scenic III ATE ABS/CDC/ESP OBD added Read/Write KM ,Read/Write EEprom
-Added new version Dasgboard SuzukiSwift 2017
-Fixed option change Immo data Audi A6/Q7 GearBox
-Renault Trafic IV ABS OBD added Write EEprom
-Added Clear Crash AirBag Module Land Rover 2017 XC2361A-72 HY32-14D374

Date of publication 14.01.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Read PIN OPel Corsa D Dashboard

Date of publication 11.01.2018 -UHDS ALLInOne

Renault Trafic IV ABS OBD (Read EEprom,Write KM)

AirBag Reanult Clear CRASH , Read EEprom:
 Renault Espace III AirBag HC11
 Renault AirBag Continental Megane III 95640
 Renault AirBag Continental Scenic III 95640
 Renault AirBag Continental Lattiude 95640
 Renault AirBag Continental Fluence 95640
 Renault AirBag Continental Twingo II 95160
 Renault AirBag Continental Kangoo II 95160
 Renault Modudus AirBag Autoliv RC5 95640
 Renault Clio III 2008... AirBag Autoliv RC5 95640
 Renault Laguna III AirBag Autoliv RC5 95640
 Renault AirBag Autoliv RC5 Clio III 2008-
 Renault Master 2010... AirBag Autoliv RC5 95640
 Dacia AirBag Continental Logan 95160
 Dacia AirBag Continental Duster 95160
 Dacia AirBag Continental Sandero 95160
 Renault AirBag Continental Thalia III 95160
 Renault Megane II AirBag Autoliv ACU4 95160
 Renault Scenic II AirBag Autoliv ACU4 95160

Read PIN Opel:
 Display Astra H
 Display Zafira B
 Display Signum
 Display Vectra C
Date of publication 12.12.2017 -UHDS ALLInOne
 -Fixed option SRI5
 -Added option PSA Read Write Km BSI 2016... Delphi by programmer (dump tool)
 -Added Opel Body Delphi Bosch NEC 70F3558+24C32 OBD (read/write EEprom, read flash)

Data publikacji  03.12.2017 -UHDS ALLInOne
-improved optoin BSI VAleo UDS write Km
-Added option Write KM PSA BSI Valeo+Dashboard in one time procedure

Data publikacji  30.11.2017 -UHDS ALLInOne
 -Ford Ranger 2017... Read/Write KM OBD
 -Fixed option Ford Mustang 2013..
 -Added ABS Dacia EEprom 95128 by dump tool

Date of publication 27.11.2017 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Improved some options

Date of publication 13.11.2017 -UHDS ALLInOne
PT0012- Continental 06/2015 (and old models Continental after upgrade to new version by PSA workshops)

Option now designed and tested :
-Peugeot 308 (continental BSI verision)
-Peugeot 508
-Citroen C4 (continental BSI verision)
-Citroen C4 Picasso (continental BSI verision)
-Citroen DS4
-Citroen DS5

1. Read KM
2. Write Km
3. Read EEprom (*)
4. Write EEprom (*)
5. Read Flash (*)
6. Write Flash
7. Read BSI Confuguration (seva to file)
8. Write BSI Configuration (load from file)
9. Learn New PIN (BSI must be in virgin state)
10. Write New VIN (BSI must be in virgin state)
11. Make Virgin BSI (*)
12. Learn Key (only for customers with PT0004 or PT0013 activation)
13. Read PIN BSI (*) (only for customers with PT0013 activation)
14. Erase Errors history
(*) - This option possible only after prevois change km