New updates in programme All in One 08.07.2017-07.09.2017

Date of publication 07.09.2017 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Improved PSA Valeo UDS option

Date of publication 01.09.2017 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added option  Reanult Flunce Dashboard (Blokowanie Synchro DASH<>ABS)
-Added option  Reanult Clio4 2017... , Trafic 2017...
  -Read Flash
  -Write Flash
  -Read EE (partial)
 - Write EE
 - Write KM (with block synchro and without block synchro)
 Date of publication 18.08.2017 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Dashoard Ford Mustang 2013..2015  Read Write Km
-added new version BSI Valeo Write km

Date of publication 02.08.2017 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Suzuki ECU IAW8DS (write Km, Read/Write EEprom , Read/Write Flash)
-Added new version PSA jonson control 2015 bsi

Date of publication 20.07.2017 -UHDS ALLInOne
-Added Dashoard Ford Figo 2017 ...